english bulldog breed how to train english bulldog

How to Train English Bulldog – step by step guide!

Although while English Bulldogs are adored for their sweet attitudes and wrinkled features, they may also be a little obstinate and challenging to teach. Yet, you may have a well-behaved and content English Bulldog puppy if you are patient, persistent, and use the appropriate training methods.

The fundamentals of English Bulldog puppy training, including as housebreaking, obedience training, advanced training, socialization, and behavior, will be covered in this manual.

Being Aware Of Your English Bulldog Puppy

English Bulldogs are a distinct breed with great personality distinct physical and psychological qualities. Knowing the breed-specific demands of your puppy will help you customize your training methods and guarantee a positive result.

  • English Bulldogs are known for being independent and stubborn.
  • They also have short attention spans and are easily distracted.
  • Their short snouts make them sensitive to heat and exercise intolerance.
  • If they are not properly socialized, they can develop separation anxiety and other behavioral problems even aggression.

Teaching your Bulldog its Name

One of the first things a new Bulldog owner should do is teach their dog its name. The following advice will assist make the procedure as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

1. Begin Early

Early on, begin to teach your Bulldog his name. Starting sooner is preferable. Your puppy is eager to learn everything you can teach it since it is like a sponge. A crucial first step in creating a positive relationship between you and your animal pet is teaching your Bulldog its name.

2. Employ Reward-Based Instruction

Provide positive reinforcement when teaching your Bulldog its name. Your dog’s motivation to learn will be greatly aided by praise and goodies. For instance, give your Bulldog a treat and some praise each time you call their name and they glance at you.

3. Be Reliable

While teaching your Bulldog its name, consistency is essential. Every time you call your dog, use the same name, and make sure everyone else in the home does likewise. This will make your Bulldog more familiar with its name and reduce confusion.

4. Use Repetition

The process of teaching your Bulldog its name involves repetition. Be patient and repeat your dog’s name frequently, especially during training sessions. Although your Bulldog might not react right away, with time and repetition they will pick it up.

5. Utilize diversion

Try employing diversions to keep your Bulldog from paying attention as they are learning their name. Try shouting their name while they are eating or playing with a toy, for instance. By doing this, your Bulldog will be able to connect its name to pleasurable memories.

6. Speak with an Upright Tone
Bulldogs respond greatly to passionate tones that are loud and high-pitched. Use a loud voice and make the name sound thrilling when training your Bulldog. Your dog will be encouraged to listen and respond as a result.

7.Make it a Game

Both you and your dog may enjoy learning the name of your Bulldog. By concealing goodies throughout the space and shouting your dog’s name, you may turn it into a game. Praise them and give them extra rewards once they uncover the hidden snacks.

english bulldog breed how to train english bulldog

Basic Training: Crate Training and Housebreaking

Housebreaking is the initial phase of English Bulldog puppy training. You must do this by educating your puppy where and when to relieve itself. Crate training may help your puppy feel safe and comfortable while also helping with housebreaking.

  • With positive reinforcement, you may encourage your puppy to relieve himself outside.
  • Choose a cage that is the right size for your puppy and fill it with toys and goodies to make it comfortable.
  • Gradually increase the amount of time your puppy spends in the crate to prevent separation anxiety.
  • Consistency is crucial.
  • Take your puppy outside at the same times every day.

Instruction in Obedience: Sit, Stay, and Come Commands

A key component of raising a well-behaved English Bulldog puppy is obedience training. The “Sit,” “Stay,” and “Come” instructions, as well as how to teach your bulldog to heed them, will be covered in this article. You may raise an intelligent and obedient youngster by following these instructions and making use of the supplied advice.

1.Commands for Sit, Remain, and Come: Training in Obedience

Obedience training is essential for developing a well-behaved English Bulldog puppy. This article will discuss the commands “Sit,” “Stay,” and “Come,” as well as how to educate your bulldog to obey them. By sticking to these guidelines and using the provided advice, you may raise a child that is clever and obedient.

2. The “Sit” Instruction

Every dog should be familiar with the “Sit” command. Follow these instructions to teach your English Bulldog puppy to sit:

  • Hold a treat in front of your puppy’s nose to start, and then lift it gradually over their head. Their bottom should touch the ground as they pursue the reward with their nose.
  • Reward them with the treat and plenty of praise as soon as they are seated.
  • Repeat this numerous times, progressively taking away the treat as they learn the command.
  • After they can consistently sit when asked, gradually stop giving them treats and start using verbal signals like “Sit” or “Sit down” in its place.
  • Your dog will eventually discover how to sit in response to the verbal cue alone

3. The command “Stay”

Another crucial command that may be taught using the instructions below is “Stay”:

  • Begin by commanding your dog to “Sit” in a peaceful, distraction-free setting. After they are seated, command them to “Stay” in a loud, clear voice while stepping back.
  • If they continue to sit, acknowledge them and give them a treat. If they stand up, kindly reposition them so they are seated before beginning again.
  • Increase your distance from your puppy and the length of time you anticipate them to spend sitting up gradually. Eventually, your dog will remain there when you move around the room or even out of it totally.
  • 4. The “Come” Instruction

In potentially hazardous situations, the “Come” order is essential for keeping your English Bulldog safe and under control. Observe these procedures to train your dog to come when called:

  • Start by saying your puppy’s name in a calm, distraction-free environment, followed by the command “Come,” in a firm, clear voice. Encourage them to come to you by speaking in a joyful tone.
  • Praise them and give them a treat when they come to you. Avoid following them if they don’t arrive since doing so can make them want to flee. Alternatively, choose a different route while encouraging them to follow.
  • Gradually widen the space between you and your puppy as it gets more used to the order. Always remember to give lots of praise and goodies as a reward for excellent behavior.
  • Advanced Training: Agility Training and Tricks Practice

Congrats for completing your bulldog’s basic obedience training by teaching him to “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” You may start more complex training now that your dog has learned the fundamentals.
Advanced training is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your dog and can be a lot of fun. We’ll talk about advanced training techniques including teaching your bulldog tricks and agility training in this post.

Trick Training:

Teaching your dog new tricks is a terrific way to enhance their minds and excite their thinking. Not only is it enjoyable, but it also promotes good manners and obedience in them. The following are some well-liked tricks that you may teach your bulldog:

  1. Shake: Teaching your dog this trick is entertaining and simple. Get your dog to sit first, then gently grab one of their paws while saying “shake” and rewarding them. Repeat this procedure frequently until your dog begins to extend their paw on their own.
  2. Roll over: Get your dog to lie down first, and then use a treat to entice them to do so. Give them the goodie as soon as they roll over and lavish them with praise. Repeat this procedure until your dog can turn over by itself.
  3. Play dead: This trick is a little harder to teach your dog, but it’s still entertaining. Then, while saying “play dead,” gently move your dog onto its back. Give them a treat and lots of praise as a reward. This procedure should be repeated until your dog plays dead on their own.

english bulldog breed how to train english bulldog

Agility Training:

Agility training is a fantastic method to intellectually and physically test your dog. It is a vigorous activity that includes a variety of challenges, including weave poles, jumps, tunnels, and more. Here are some pointers for beginning agility training:

  1. Set up a few simple obstacles at first, such as jumps and tunnels. By offering goodies and lots of praise, you may motivate your dog to complete them.
  2. Work on fundamental instructions: Your bulldog has to be able to follow basic orders such as “sit” and “stay” before commencing agility training. Work on these commands before putting any barriers in the way.
  3. Make use of positive reinforcement: Give your dog praise and goodies when they successfully navigate each obstacle. This will motivate them to carry on and develop their brain.

Behavioral training and socialization

For English Bulldog puppies to avoid behavioral problems like aggressiveness or anxiety, socialization is essential. Your puppy will feel more at ease and secure in any scenario if you expose it to a variety of people, animals, and situations.

  1. Early socialization is important, so introduce your puppy to a variety of people, animals, and environments.
  2. Positive reinforcement is also important to encourage good behavior around unfamiliar situations.
  3. ¬†Consistency is key: make socialization a regular part of your puppy’s routine to prevent anxiety or fear.

Are English bulldogs easy to train?

Depending on the dog’s attitude and the owner’s approach to training, English Bulldogs can be either simple to teach or challenging. Bulldogs are renowned for their independence and tenacity, despite their overall want to please and devotion.

It takes persistence, consistency, and positive reinforcement to train an English Bulldog. It’s crucial to get a head start on training and keep sessions brief and interesting. Bulldogs may be effectively motivated to learn by using food and praise, but it’s vital to avoid punishment or negative reinforcement since this might increase stubbornness and reluctance to learn.

Because bulldogs are notorious for having a short attention span, it’s crucial to make training exciting and engaging in order to hold their attention. Overall, English Bulldogs may become devoted, attentive, and well-behaved companions with the appropriate approach and dedication to training. Just make sure to provide them a good rest after training in their comfy doggy beds!

english bulldog breed how to train english bulldog


For both you and your animal buddy, training your English Bulldog puppy may be a wonderful experience. You may have a well-behaved and content companion for years to come with patience, consistency, and the appropriate methods.

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