english bulldog breed full grown a cute and interesting partner

Full Grown English Bulldog breed – all you need to know

English Bulldog breed is popular, has devoted nature, and stubbornness and that is why we love them! These dogs have characteristic snorts, stocky bodies, and wrinkled features that make them easy to identify. While they are affectionate, devoted, and playful friends, they are sometimes described to as “sourmugs” or “sourpusses” owing to their permanently unhappy looks.

English Bulldogs as adults will be the focus of this blog as we go through their physical traits, personalities, and the significance of giving these cherished pets the care they need. Each prospective owner or present caregiver must have a thorough understanding of this breed’s whole development since it offers guidance on how to best take care of and appreciate these magnificent dogs.

English Bulldog breed – Physical Appearance and Features

Due to their distinctive physical traits, English Bulldog breed is easily recognized. When they are fully grown, they normally weigh between 40 and 50 pounds and stand between 12 and 16 inches tall, however some may be larger or smaller depending on their health and genetics.

One of the most distinctive features of the English Bulldog full grown is their wrinkled, often droopy face, which is highlighted by their adorable underbite. Their short, stout bodies are also characterized by loose, wrinkled skin that hangs in folds around their neck and chest, giving them a unique and lovable appearance.

In terms of their coat, English Bulldogs are typically short-haired and come in a range of colors, including white, fawn, brindle, and black. Their fur is soft to the touch, and they shed moderately throughout the year.

When it comes to their physical abilities, English Bulldogs are not known for being particularly active or athletic. They are more prone to being couch potatoes, but still require moderate exercise to stay healthy and happy. They may not be able to run fast or jump high, but they have a unique waddle that adds to their charm.

Overall, the English Bulldog full grown is a unique and lovable breed with physical characteristics that make them instantly recognizable and adored by many. Their distinctive appearance, soft fur, and characteristic waddle are just a few of the features that make them such beloved companions.

english bulldog breed full grown a cute and interesting partner

English Bulldog Growth and Weight Chart


Age Average lbs Average kg
1 month 6.61 lbs 3.00 kg
2 month 11.02 lbs 5.00 kg
3 month 15.43 lbs 7.00 kg
4 month 24.25 lbs 11.00 kg
5 month 33.06 lbs 15.00 kg
6 month 37.47 lbs 17.00 kg
7 month 41.88 lbs 19.00 kg
8 month 44.09 lbs 20.00 kg
9 month 46.29 lbs 21.00 kg
10 month 48.50 lbs 22.00 kg
11 month 48.50 lbs 22.00 kg
12 month 50.70 lbs 23.00 kg

English bulldog breed – Temperament and Personality

English bulldog breed has such a rich personality and temperament! They are excellent family pets since they are frequently regarded as devoted and kind. For families with small children, they are a great choice because of their reputation for being kind and patient with youngsters.

Moreover, bulldogs are renowned for being brave and protective, qualities that make them good watchdogs. To ensure a well-behaved pet, early socialization and training are crucial because they are frequently obstinate and hard to train. Training may not be easy, but it is crucial to ensure that your doggo is nice and kind and without aggressive outbreaks!Despite their obstinacy, they have a strong desire to please their owners and are amenable to positive reinforcement training techniques.

English Bulldog breed is not known for being particularly athletic or energetic. They are perfect for apartment life because they tend to want to relax and lounge about.  They love to sleep and doze of during the day in their comfy doggy bed!While brief walks and games in an enclosed yard are typically sufficient, they still need frequent exercise. To make it easier for them to participate and play, try to interest them with their favourite toys or accessories and they will jump right into activities with no question asked!

Overall, English Bulldogs are wonderful pets for anybody searching for a low-maintenance, loving, and devoted companion. They may flourish in a variety of living settings and are fantastic additions to any household with the right socialization and training.

When Does an English Bulldog Reach Full Growth?

From infancy till adulthood, English Bulldogs go through a phase of growth and development. The precise age at which they cease developing, however, might vary depending on a number of circumstances. At the ages of 12 and 18 months, English Bulldogs often reach their adult height and weight. They are now regarded to be fully matured.

english bulldog breed full grown a cute and interesting partner

Taking Care of a Full-grown English Bulldog

While caring for an English Bulldog, especially one that is fully grown, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure they are healthy and content. Here are some pointers for caring for your English Bulldog after they are fully grown:

  1.  Feeding: Because English Bulldogs are prone to obesity, it’s critical to keep an eye on their food intake and provide them a nutritious, well-balanced diet. Avoid offering your Bulldog table scraps or human food and only feed them premium dog food. Be sure to always have access to fresh water.
  2. Grooming: To eliminate stray hair and avoid skin irritation, bulldogs’ short, delicate coats must be regularly brushed. In order to prevent infections, they also need to have their facial creases cleaned often. Bulldogs are also prone to ear infections, so make sure to frequently clean them.
  3. Exercise: Although Bulldogs are not renowned for their agility, they still need to engage in regular exercise to keep their weight in check and avoid health problems. Exercise options for your Bulldog include short walks, time spent playing in a fenced yard, and interactive toys.
  4. Health: Bulldogs are susceptible to a number of medical conditions, including as hip dysplasia, respiratory troubles, and skin infections. For your Bulldog to remain healthy and to detect any possible health concerns early, routine veterinary checkups are essential.
  5. Environment: Bulldogs should be kept in a climate-controlled setting since they are sensitive to high temperatures. They also need a bed that is cozy, supports their joints, and guards against pressure sores.

You can provide your English Bulldog the care they require to be healthy and happy by adhering to these suggestions. Have in mind that bulldogs have particular requirements and need special care, but with the right care, they may live long, happy lives as cherished family members.

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