English bulldog breed English bulldogs and kids - are they a good match, and should you worry?

English bulldogs and kids – are they a good match, and should you worry?

Discover everything you need to know about the unique bond between English Bulldogs and kids. From their gentle nature to their playful demeanor, find out why these lovable dogs make the perfect companions for children.

English bulldogs and kids – what should you know?

English Bulldogs are known for their gentle and easygoing nature and temperament, making them an excellent choice for families with kids. These lovable dogs have a unique bond with children, often displaying patience and tolerance towards them. However, it’s important to keep in mind that English Bulldogs can be stubborn at times, so proper training and socialization from an early age is crucial.

English bulldog breed English bulldogs and kids - are they a good match, and should you worry? 

While they may not be as energetic as some other breeds, even considered lazy, they still make excellent companions for kids. But you should always keep in mind that bulldogs have short snouts and potential breathing difficulties, and that can be a problem if they overplay with children. That is one more reason why you should always supervise bulldog – kids’ play time so that everyone is safe and happy!

How to train your bulldog to be good with kids

Bulldogs are awesome buddies who quickly become part of the family. But they need to get to know everyone in the family first. It’s super important to train and socialize your bulldog so they can have normal interactions with kids, and here is how you can do that:

Make friends – socialize Bulldog

Don’t assume your bulldog will automatically get along with everyone in your family. Take it slow when introducing them to new family members. Start by letting them play with one person at a time for a few days. This will help them feel more comfortable, and they will easily adapt to new friends. The age of the bulldog is also important since puppies are easier to socialize!

If you’re getting a puppy, the best time to introduce them to your family is between 8 to 16 weeks old. But if you have an adult bulldog, it might take a little longer since they can be a bit stubborn, and they already have some of their typical routines.

Teach them manners: Train commands

Whether you have bigger kids or infants and babies, it’s important to train your bulldog to be well-behaved. Start with simple commands like sit, down, and fetch. These simple commands will make English bulldogs and kids’ playtime much easier and safer! If there is some need, you can command your bully to sit or stop, and they will obey. The match play is always fun, so it is a great command to teach them! 

English bulldog breed English bulldogs and kids - are they a good match, and should you worry?

If you’re not sure how to train your bulldog, you can always ask for professional help.

Bulldogs and kids – introduce them to children’s toys 

Just like kids, British bulldogs love toys too. But some toys might scare your bulldog, especially ones that move or make loud noises. So, make sure to introduce your bulldog to kids’ toys slowly and see how they react.

Also, teach your kids what are your bully’s favorite toys and how to use them to make bond with their puppy! English bulldogs love to play, and they may start to get along great very soon! 

English bulldog breed English bulldogs and kids - are they a good match, and should you worry?

Positive reinforcement – let your bulldog know that they are doing a great job

If you want your bulldog to be a great puppy around kids, try using positive reinforcement. When your bulldog does something good around children, give them a high-five! You can also show them some love and cuddles, give them tasty treats, or say nice things about them. Before you know it, your bulldog will totally understand how to act around kids. They’ll be best buddies in no time!

Get bulldogs ready for kids’ love:

Kids love to hug and play with their dogs. But this might be new and scary for your bulldog. To help them get used to it, give them lots of praise and treats when they’re being cuddled or played with. You can even gently touch their paws to help them get used to different kinds of affection. We know that our little ones mean no harm, but their affectionate hugs can be a bit overwhelming for doggos, so it is good to be around and teach children to be a bit more gentle and bulldogs to be a bit more patient so that we have a win-win situation!

But if your bulldog still seems scared or anxious, it’s best to keep kids away for that moment. Try a different approach, with more patience, while you are holding your child, and just pet the bulldog gently until the doggy is used to kids.

English bulldogs and kids – it is a two-way street

With English bulldogs and kids at home, it’s super important to set some rules. Here are a few things to keep in mind and explain to your children:

  • Be gentle with the doggie! It’s important to handle them with care and not be rough.
  • Respect the dog’s personal space. That means not bothering them when they’re in their special spots, like their bed!
  • Don’t bug the dog while they’re eating. Just like us, dogs need their privacy and space to enjoy their meals.
  • Stay away from the dog when they’re snoozing. We all need our beauty sleep, right? Dogs need their rest, too, so let them nap in peace.

English bulldog breed English bulldogs and kids - are they a good match, and should you worry?

By following these rules, your bulldog will have their own space and get used to hanging out with your kids. These guidelines will help you raise your kids with a happy and friendly family bulldog.

Bulldogs and children – Best friends forever

Bulldogs make fantastic companions for children, there is no doubt! They have a natural ability to bond with kids, always eager to keep them safe and entertained. They are patient and tolerant and great with kids, from cuddles to playtime in the backyard! Despite their stocky build, Bulldogs are surprisingly gentle and love their little buddies. However, it is important for parents to teach children how to interact with Bulldogs properly, including supervising playtime and avoiding any rough handling. The second step is to socialize bulldogs in time and make sure that they enjoy the time with the children! By doing so, both Bulldogs and children can form an unbreakable bond built on trust and respect.

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