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Why Is My English Bulldog Drooling Excessively? Top 8 Reasons

Ever found yourself in a puddle of mystery drool and wondered, “Why is my English bulldog drooling excessively?” Well, you’re not alone in this soppy saga. We revealed the top 8 reasons for your bulldog’s drooling.

Why Do Bulldogs Drool So Much?

First things first, let’s get a bit scientific. Bulldogs are famous for their “smushed” faces, a trait that doesn’t always play nice with their saliva management. This anatomy can make them drool more than your average pooch.

The Saliva Saga: Normal vs. Excessive Drooling

A bit of drool is normal for these wrinkly pooches, but when does it go from cute to concerning? Excessive drooling in bulldogs could be a sign of something more serious.

Top 8 Reasons Your Bulldog Might Be Drooling a River

Here’s where the plot thickens. Let’s explore the eight culprits that might be turning your bulldog into a drool dispenser.

1. Dinner Time Drama: Food-Related Causes

Ever noticed your bulldog turning into a slobber machine at the sight of food? That’s pretty standard. But watch out for drooling that seems over the top, as it could signal an issue with their chow.

English Bulldog Drooling Excessively

2. Oral Obstacles: Dental Issues and Drooling

Dental health is super important. Issues like tooth decay or gum disease can make your bulldog’s drool game strong.

3. Hot Dogs: Overheating and Dehydration

Bulldogs aren’t the best at regulating their body temperature. Overheating can cause them to drool like it’s going out of style.

4. Emotional Puddles: Stress and Anxiety Factors

Just like us, Bulldogs can get stressed or anxious. And yes, this emotional rollercoaster can lead to a drool tsunami.

5. Pesky Invaders: Parasites and Infections

Nobody likes uninvited guests, especially when they cause health issues and, you guessed it, more drooling.

6. Allergic Reactions: Sensitivity and Drooling

Allergies aren’t just a human thing. Bulldogs can have allergic reactions, leading to excessive drooling.

7. The Pain Trail: Injury and Illness

If your bulldog is in pain or feeling under the weather, excessive drooling might be one of their SOS signals.

8. Genetic Juice: Breed-Specific Traits

Sometimes, it’s just in the genes. Bulldogs are naturally more prone to drool, thanks to their unique facial structure.

How do I get my English bulldog to stop drooling?

1. Vet Visits on Repeat: 

It’s old but gold – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keep those vet appointments regular. They can sniff out any health gremlins causing your furball to drool like there’s no tomorrow.

2. Regular toothbrushing is a must: 

Get down to the nitty-gritty of dental hygiene. A Bulldog with dodgy dental health is a drool factory. Make tooth-brushing a routine and maybe throw in some dental treats for good measure. To prevent excessive drooling in Bulldogs, performing regular tooth brushing can help. We recommend you to start brushing his teeth from his young age so he can get used to this routine. 

3. Prevent your bulldog from a heatstroke: 

Bulldogs and heat are like oil and water – they don’t mix. Keep your pooch in a cool spot when the sun’s doing its best impression of a giant hairdryer. As one of the best items to keep your english bulldog cool in the summer, we suggest you buying a dog cooling bed. Cooling beds for English bulldogs can help them feel safe indoors on hot summer days. 

English Bulldog Cooling Corner Crib features a special heat resistant fabric that gives your gremlin a pleasant cooling touch. To work best, you should place it out of a direct sunlight.

english bulldog bed

4. Choose the right English bulldog bowl

Keep your english bulldog bowl brimming with water. Hydration is the key to keeping the drool-o-meter in check, especially after a bout of play or on hot days.

Anti-Splash English Bulldog Bowl can become your greatest ally in dealing with your English bulldog drooling excessively. By allowing your pet to drink water more often,  you’ll help him decrease saliva production. Thanks to the lid on the top of the bowl, the water your bulldog drinks during a day will stay clean. Besides, there will be no wet floors like it can happen with classic dog bowls.

english bulldog bowl

5. Foodie Investigations: 

Sometimes, it’s what’s on the menu that’s turning on the drool tap. Watch out for any mealtime slobber fests and maybe have a chat with your vet about Fido’s diet.

6. Zen Zone: 

Bulldogs, they’re just like us – stress and anxiety can turn them into slobber machines. Set up a chill-out zone and look into ways to keep their nerves in check. Believe it or not, your English bulldog’s bed plays an important role in decreasing your bulldog’s excessive drooling.

A cozy and safe bed will make your gremlin feel safe and less anxious. If you’re dealing with issues to find the right one for your pooch, then we recommend you read the following blog post on how to find the best English bulldog bed.

bed for an english bulldog

7. Spa Day, Every Day: 

A little bit of face grooming goes a long way. Keep your Bulldog’s face – especially around the mouth and those adorable folds – clean to ward off any drool-triggering irritations.

English Bulldog Wrinkle Cleaning Wipes feature only natural ingredients an d can help in preventing bad odor comming from his wrinkles. You can also pick up your bulldog’s saliva with them because they are hypoallergenic.

bulldog face wipes

8. Workout and Wind Down: 

A pooped Bulldog is less likely to drown you in drool. Regular walks and playtime can help keep the drool at bay, plus it’s great for their health.

9. Allergy in English bulldogs: 

Sometimes, it’s an allergy that’s behind the slobber tsunami. Keep an eye out for any other signs of allergies and talk to your vet about possible triggers.

10. Towel Arsenal: 

Let’s be real, towels won’t stop the drool but they’ll save your floors and furniture. Embrace the drool with a towel in hand and a smile on your face.

So, your bulldog is drooling like there’s no tomorrow. What’s a pet parent to do? Let’s talk solutions.

11. Vet Visits: Professional Advice

When in doubt, shout out to your vet. They’re the pros who can help get to the bottom of the drool dilemma.

12. Home Remedies and Care Tips

There are a few things you can try at home, too. Keeping your bulldog cool, calm, and well-hydrated is a good start.

English Bulldog Drooling Excessively

Why is my English bulldog drooling excessively? Wrapping up

No matter what you do, at the end of the day your English Bulldog is going to spread some drool. Kisses are a way to show emotions and are symbolic of love, even the ones that tend to leave one slobbery. Dealing with an English bulldog drooling excessively do require a lot of time and challenges. However, it also requires a significant amount of towel for sure. No matter how hard you try, there is going to be a never-ending amount of drool coming out of your pet. But somehow, it’s worth it because the joy and love they bring along are priceless.

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