What Is The Best English Bulldog Bowl? Top 4 Picks So Far

English bulldogs are like the couch potatoes of the canine world, with a little more drool and a lot more snoring. But when it comes to feeding these adorable creatures, there’s more to consider than just what goes into the bowl. an English bulldog bowl itself plays a crucial role! So, how can you know what is the best bowl for your English Bulldog? Read on and find out!

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What to consider when choosing an English bulldog bowl?

  1. Size Matters, But Not Like You Think

First things first, size. You might think, “The bigger, the better,” right? Not exactly. Bulldogs aren’t exactly the Michael Phelps of the dog world when it comes to eating. Their short snouts make them more like amateur snorkelers. A bowl that’s too deep might turn mealtime into a frustrating diving expedition. Opt for a shallow bowl that allows them easy access to their food without the need for a snorkel.

  1. Material World: Plastic, Stainless Steel, or Ceramic?

  • Plastic: Cheap and cheerful, like that one t-shirt we all own but never admit to wearing. However, plastic bowls can harbor bacteria, and Bulldogs, bless their hearts, are not known for their robust immune systems.
  • Stainless Steel: The superhero of dog bowls. Easy to clean, durable, and usually comes with a non-slip base so it doesn’t go on a journey across the kitchen floor.
  • Ceramic: If your Bulldog is more of a fine-diner, ceramic bowls are stylish. Just beware, they can chip or break, creating a crime scene in your kitchen.
  1. Weighty Matters: Heavy Duty for Heavy Paws

Let’s face it, Bulldogs are not the most graceful eaters. They approach their bowl like a bull in a china shop. A lightweight English bulldog bowl will be flipped, slid, and possibly become a new chew toy. A heavier English bulldog bowl stays put, ensuring that your dog’s meal remains a meal and not a floor decoration.

  1. Elevation Nation: To Raise or Not to Raise

There’s a bit of debate in the bulldog community about raised feeders. On one hand, they can help with digestion and make eating more comfortable. On the other, some studies suggest they might increase the risk of bloat. It’s a bit like choosing between listening to jazz or country music – it really depends on the individual. If you do choose a raised feeder, make sure it’s not too high. Remember, Bulldogs are closer to the ground than your average spy drone.

  1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Slow-Feeder Bowls

Does your Bulldog inhale food faster than you can say “Slow down”? Slow-feeder bowls are like those frustratingly difficult puzzles, but for food. They make your dog work a bit harder to eat, which can help with digestion and weight management. Plus, it’s kind of entertaining to watch.

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  1. Keeping It Clean: Hygiene Hygiene Hygiene

Regardless of the bowl you choose, cleanliness is paramount. Bulldogs can be a bit… well, slobbery. And their bowls can become a science experiment in bacteria growth if not cleaned regularly. Stainless steel wins again here for ease of cleaning, but no matter the material, daily washing is a must.

  1. Personalized Bowls: Because Every Bulldog Is Unique

Let’s not forget the fun part – personalization! Whether it’s their name, a funny quote (“Snore Connoisseur”), or a design that complements their personality, a personalized bowl adds that extra touch of love. It’s like monogramming your towels, but way cooler.

What are the best picks of English bulldog bowls?

Interactive Anti Choke Bowl is one of those slow-feeding dog bowls that will help your pet eat slowlier and inhale less air. This feature is especially important because bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls, so they are prone to painful bloating.

Thanks to the anti-slip addition on the bottom, your furry friend’s meal will stay in the same place. Choose between 3 colors and let your dog enjoy his tasty bites. 

english bulldog bowl

In case you’re searching for the perfect water bowl, then the Anti-Splash English Bulldog Bowl is the item to go for! Thanks to a floating lid on the top, the water won’t end on your floor. 

english bulldog bowl

2 in 1 English Bulldog Bowls is our third pick of bowls for English bulldogs. They’re elevated and can be of great help for senior dogs. It comes with two bowls so you can use one for the water and another one for the food.

english bulldog bowl

Slow Feeding English Bulldog Bowl is another type of English bulldog bowls that can make them work for their food. Thanks to 3D addition inside the bowl, your dog will have to work for his tasty bites. Besides, he won’t deal with gasses and painful bloat.

english bulldog bowl

Should bulldogs have elevated bowls?


When pondering whether English Bulldogs should have elevated bowls, it’s essential to consider their unique physical characteristics, particularly their brachycephalic skulls and joint health. Bulldogs, with their distinctively short muzzles and broad heads, belong to the brachycephalic breed category. This anatomical structure, while undeniably cute, can lead to certain challenges, especially during feeding. An elevated bowl  for English bulldog can potentially ease these challenges.

By raising the food to a more natural level, closer to the Bulldog’s mouth, it reduces the strain they may experience while trying to eat from a bowl placed directly on the ground. This is particularly helpful for Bulldogs, as their flat faces can make picking up food a bit of a cumbersome task, often leading to them inhaling air along with their meals, which can cause digestive issues.

Moreover, Bulldogs are notorious for their susceptibility to joint problems, including hip dysplasia and arthritis, partly due to their stout stature and genetic predisposition. Bending down to eat from a bowl on the floor can exacerbate these joint issues, adding unnecessary stress to their neck, shoulders, and hips. An elevated feeder allows them to maintain a more upright, natural posture while eating or drinking, reducing the strain on their joints. This can be especially beneficial for older Bulldogs or those already showing signs of joint discomfort.

However, it’s important to note that while elevated bowls can offer these benefits, they should be used cautiously. The height of the bowl should be carefully chosen to ensure it aligns well with the Bulldog’s height, preventing them from having to stretch upwards or still bend down significantly, as either extreme defeats the purpose and can cause discomfort. Consulting with a veterinarian to determine the optimal height based on your Bulldog’s specific needs is always a wise decision.

Can English Bulldogs use slow feeder bowls?


Certainly! English Bulldogs, known for their enthusiastic yet often hasty eating habits, can indeed benefit from using slow feeder bowls. These specially designed bowls are not just another trendy pet accessory; they serve an essential purpose in promoting healthier eating patterns, particularly for breeds like Bulldogs that are prone to gobbling their food too quickly. The unique design of slow feeder bowls, featuring ridges and mazes, effectively turns mealtime into a challenging game, slowing down the eating process. This is crucial for Bulldogs for several reasons.

It’s in their skull

Firstly, Bulldogs, with their brachycephalic (short-snouted) facial structure, are more inclined to eat rapidly, which can lead to a host of issues. When they eat too quickly, they are prone to swallowing a lot of air along with their food. This can result in uncomfortable gas, bloating, and in more serious cases, can contribute to the risk of gastric torsion, a potentially life-threatening condition. Slow feeder bowls encourage Bulldogs to eat at a more measured pace, reducing the risk of these complications. Unfortunately, English bulldogs are prone to breathing problems, so we have to carefully choose their bowls.

Bulldogs are prone to obesity

Furthermore, Bulldogs often struggle with weight management due to their less active nature and propensity to gain weight. By slowing down their eating, these bowls can help in promoting better digestion and, consequently, better weight control. Eating slower means Bulldogs are more likely to feel full with less food, aiding in preventing overeating.

Mental incitement

In addition to health benefits, slow feeder bowls can also provide mental stimulation for Bulldogs. The interactive nature of these bowls can turn mealtime into a fun and engaging activity, offering mental enrichment that is beneficial for their overall wellbeing. It’s like a puzzle that rewards them with food, keeping their minds active and engaged.

However, it’s crucial to choose the right slow feeder bowl for your Bulldog. Given their unique facial structure, opting for a bowl with not too intricate or deep ridges is important. You want to make the eating process slower, yes, but not frustrating or difficult. It’s about finding the right balance that works for your Bulldog, ensuring they can still access their food without too much struggle while benefiting from a slower eating pace.

english bulldog bowl

Choosing the perfect English bulldog bowl: Wrapping up

Choosing the best bowl for your English Bulldog isn’t just about practicality; it’s about understanding and catering to their unique needs and personality. Whether you go for stainless steel, ceramic, or a fancy slow-feeder, remember to keep it shallow, easy to clean, and bulldog-proof.


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