english bulldog breed fireworks and english bulldogs

Fireworks and English Bulldogs: How to Keep Your Pup Calm in 2023

If you own an English bulldog, you are aware of the significant worry and anxiety that fireworks may cause for your canine companion. It’s understandable why so many dogs frighten during the holiday season when there are so many loud booms and flashing lights.

But, there are many ways to keep your English bulldog at ease and tranquil during fireworks, so don’t worry. Here is a list of our best advice for keeping your dog calm and content during the 2023 ¬†fireworks season.

Establish a Secure Place

Establishing a secure area for your English bulldog to escape to is one of the finest things you can do to assist them in remaining calm during fireworks. It may be a container or a quiet area where they feel safe and comfortable. To help your dog unwind, think about adding some calming accessories like a white noise maker or a pheromone diffuser. The ideal place for them is their comfy bulldog bed with you by their side, to calm them and give them love and support!

Keep Your Bulldog Busy

Keeping your English bulldog busy with a diverting pastime is another technique to help them remain calm while there are fireworks. You may do this by giving them a game to play, a puzzle toy to complete, or even just by cuddling up and watching a movie. The trick is to keep their attention engaged and directed toward something. Try with their favorite toy or accessories that will distract them and help them overcome the critical firework time!

english bulldog breed fireworks and english bulldogs

Usage Calming Remedy

There are several relaxing techniques you may try to assist your English bulldog to unwind while watching fireworks in addition to providing a secure environment and keeping your dog busy. They could include pheromone-releasing relaxing collars, anxiety wraps, or even soothing chews or sprays. Still, always have in mind that our little stubby friends have many breathing and health issues that can be made worse if these medicaments are not given properly!

Before attempting any new treatments, be sure to consult your veterinarian. They can advise you on the best course of action for your dog.

You’ll be prepared to assist your English bulldog in 2023’s fireworks season by keeping these suggestions in mind. There are several methods to support your animal friend’s relaxation and happiness over the holiday season, whether you’re at home or out and about.

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