English bulldog breed English bulldog tail types

English bulldog tail types – everything you need to know

 Here is the best guide for most common English bulldog tail types and everything you should know about them from their look to proper care!

Do English bulldogs have a tail?

English Bulldogs are a breed known for their distinctive appearance, and one common question that often arises is whether they have tails. The answer is yes! English Bulldogs do have tails; however, their tails are typically short and low-set. Due to centuries of selective breeding, these dogs have developed a unique body structure that includes a naturally occurring bobtail or screw tail. 

This short tail is set low, and may be straight or twisted. Despite its stubby length, the tail still serves its purpose by allowing for communication through various expressions and movements. While it may not wag as vigorously as other dog breeds during moments of happiness or excitement, an English Bulldog’s tail can still provide insight into its mood, contributing to its overall charm and character. They are specialy proud to wiggle it when it nap time in their comfy doggy beds! So don’t worry – these adorable pooches may not have long, flowing tails like some other breeds, but they certainly have tails! 

English bulldog breed English bulldog tail types

What are the most common 3 types of Bulldog tail types?

English bulldog have some pretty unique tail types! Their tails surly go quite well with their sparkly personalities and temperament! These are the most common tail types in English bulldogs:

First up, we have the “screwtail” – this tail has got some serious twist action going on. Its adorable corkscrew shape adds an element fun to any wiggle. 

Next, we have the “longer tail” – simple, straightforward, and straight-up stunning. This elegant tail smoothly extends from the rear end and is not very common in bulldogs.

 And last but certainly not least, we’ve got the straight short tail or “pump handle tail.” This tail is like a small bump, but don’t let it’s size fool you! It is ready to wigle at any moment just as enthusiastically as any longer tail! They sure know how to rock their various tail types with and attitude!

English bulldog tail type – corkscrew tail

English bulldogs love wiggling their little wrinkly buts and tails, and it is so much cuter when you come across the corkscrew tail. This type of tail is characterized by its unique spiral shape, resembling a corkscrew. The corkscrew tail is a result of selective breeding, which has caused the vertebrae in the tail to become fused together, causing it to curl tightly. While this type of tail may look cute and add to the English bulldog’s charm, it can also present some health problems

English bulldog breed English bulldog tail types

The tight curling of the tail can lead to skin fold infections and difficulty with hygiene, as well as potential back problems due to its abnormal structure. Therefore, it is wery important to take special care of English bulldogs with corkscrew tails..

Longer bulldog tail

The longer tail type is a less common variation among English bulldogs, but it adds a unique charm to these already adorable dogs. Unlike the more commonly seen screw or cork-screw tails, the longer tail type lacks any twist or kinks and has a slightly extended length compared to its counterparts. This tail type gives the bulldog a sleeker and more elegant appearance while still maintaining its classic stout and rough look. 

English bulldog breed English bulldog tail types

It is important to note that English bulldogs with this tail type may still have some issues due to their compact build, so proper care should be taken when handling their tails. Docking or cutting the tail is not recommended util there is a serious health consern that may lead to snipping the tail up! If there is and infection, or even mobility issue because of the tail, only then the vet will recommend the docking of bulldogs tail!

Despite being less prevalent in the breed, the longer tail type showcases the diversity of characteristics within English bulldogs, making each character even more lovable in their own unique way.

Straight short English bulldog tail type

English bulldogs tail types have one more diversity –  straight short tail. Unlike other breeds that have long or curved tails, English bulldogs have a naturally short tail that stands erect. This unique characteristic adds to their charm and gives them a distinct appearance. The straight short tail is usually thick at the base and looks like a little furry bump. It is not uncommon for bulldog owners to find their pets wagging their short tails when excited or happy, which only adds to their lovable nature. 

English bulldog breed English bulldog tail types

However, it’s important to note English bulldogs may have quite a few problems with the tail and skin around it, so you must be careful!  While all tail types can vary among individual dogs, the straight short tail remains one of the most common and defining features of this beloved breed.

How to take care of English Bulldog tail?

Taking care of an English Bulldog’s tail involves paying special attention to their tail pocket and ensuring proper cleaning. The tail pocket of these adorable pups is a deep crease located at the base of their tail, which can easily accumulate dirt, bacteria, and moisture if not cleaned regularly. To clean it properly, use a gentle cleansing solution or mild baby wipes to wipe away any debris or buildup. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly afterwards to prevent moisture-related infections. It’s crucial to inspect the tail pocket for any signs of redness, irritation, or foul smell, as these could indicate an infection that may need a Vet’s attention. 


No matter what the tail type your Bulldog have, be sure to give them the right amount of appreciation that they need! The tails are like a chery on the top of their charming personalities, and we do love them when they wiggle in joy!

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