Englsih bulldog breed Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

Here is a guide through the English bulldog rare colors and everything you can expect from this wonderful, colorful breed!

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that English Bulldogs are the epitome of charm and cuteness! With their wrinkly faces, stocky bodies, and irresistible personalities, bulldogs have won over the hearts of dog lovers all over the world. But did you know that bulldogs come in a wide array of captivating colors? Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of rare coat colors in English Bulldogs!

English bulldog coat colors – standard vs non-standard

Englsih bulldog breed Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

We love our British bulldogs in every color they can possibly have on their coat, but the popularity of rare-color bulldogs has reached its peak! Many dog lovers just can’t miss the opportunity to have a unique bulldog that stands out and has a special twist to their individuality! But you must know that there are standard and non-standard colors of English bulldog coats. Here are the differences between these two types:

  • Standard colors refer to those recognized by breed standards, such as fawn, brindle, or white, with different color patches on their fur. 
  • On the other hand, non-standard colors include variations that deviate from the accepted norms. These unique shades give bulldogs an extra element to their unique nature!

Even though the rare colors and coat patterns can be extremely appealing, we must mention that some of the non-standard colors can have many health problems. Merle English bulldogs, for example, have problems with their eyes and can often experience issues with deafness! Many rare coat-colored bulldogs are not recognized by AKC standards and other Bulldog and canine associations. 

  •  English bulldog rare colors – origins

Englsih bulldog breed Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

When we talk about rare-colored English Bulldogs, we’re referring to coat variations that are different from the typical colors seen in this breed. English Bulldogs have a rich history dating back several centuries. British bulldogs were most often red, tan, or whitish, and surprisingly, Brindle English bulldog was (and still is) the most common coat color in this breed.

As the popularity of English Bulldogs grew, breeders began experimenting with different genetics to introduce new coat variations. Through selective breeding and careful planning, breeders produced Bulldogs with coat colors that were previously unseen in the breed. Genetic markers determine coat color in dogs, and different genes control the distribution of pigments. Combining these genes defines the specific coat colors and patterns seen in English Bulldogs.

For example, the breeds were often crossed with Border Collie, known for merle patterns, Catahoula Leopard dog, and other dog breeds with interesting coat colors. Blue or lilac English bulldogs get their unique color from diluted black pigment mixed with lighter-pigmented dogs. 

Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

Prepare to be amazed as we explore the top nine rare colors that will make your jaw drop! From the whimsical White English Bulldogs to the striking Brindle Bulldogs, the alluring Chocolate Bulldogs to the mysterious Seal Colored Bulldogs, and the enchanting Lilac English Bulldogs to the elegant Black Colored English Bulldogs, each rare color boasts its own special allure.

White English Bulldog: 

Englsih bulldog breed Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

Pure Elegance in a fluffy white coat – there are bulldogs that are completely white, even though that is extremely rare! Imagine a bulldog with a pristine, snow-white coat – they look amazing! The White English Bulldog possesses an irresistible charm that sets it apart from others! But you should also know that lack of pigmentation in bulldogs can cause various health issues, especially skin problems! Still, despite possible health risks, this striking color demands attention and exudes an aura of elegance that captures hearts effortlessly.

Brindle Colored Bulldogs: 

Englsih bulldog breed Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

A vibrant tapestry of patterns is probably the best way to explain this coat color in bulldogs! Brindle English can fascinate you with their different color patches with pattern stripes all over their coat! With their streaks, flecks, or stripes of contrasting colors, Brindle Bulldogs showcase a mesmerizing tapestry of shades, creating a visual masterpiece that can captivate anyone’s gaze!

Blue Colored Bulldogs:

Englsih bulldog breed Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

What if we combined sophistication and a touch of coolness- we will get the wonderful blue English bulldogs! These captivating bulldogs possess coats that range from a soft powder blue to a vibrant steel gray. With their cool hues, they stand out from the crowd, capturing attention without even trying. The only issue is that the blue coat color in bulldogs is also made by diluting genes, and it can cause some health risks like eye problems or they can be prone to allergies!

Chocolate Bulldogs: 

Englsih bulldog breed Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

In the realm of rare bulldog colors, Chocolate Bulldogs reign with every right! Their deep, chocolatey coats are enough to make any chocoholic’s heart skip a beat. There can even be a mixture of brown shades that complement each other and give the bulldog a supreme look!

These sweet treats come wrapped in folds of wrinkly cuteness, blending indulgence and charm into one irresistible package. Chocolate English bulldogs are also prone to some health issues like breathing problems or cracking paws, but not as much as some other rare coat dog variations.

Seal Colored Bulldogs: 

Englsih bulldog breed Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

Mystic Shadows that mark this type of coat color in bulldogs are truly special! Seal Colored Bulldogs are very rare and so unique that they capture every ounce of attention when they are near! Their sleek coats, often appearing black at first glance, reveal a hidden surprise as light hits them. In those moments, their deep, seal-like shades of dark brown or red become evident, leaving us mesmerized by their mystic charm. They also have a black or darker stripe of color across their back and tail, and that gives them a special twist!

Lilac English Bulldogs: 

Englsih bulldog breed Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

A Dreamy Hue of Lavender Lilac English Bulldogs, also known as Isabella Bulldogs, are true gems in the rare color spectrum. Their coats shimmer with dreamy shades of gray and bluish colors that, in a certain light, remind of pastel lavender. These captivating bulldogs are sure to add a touch of enchantment to any lucky owner’s life. But you should know that lilac-colored bulldogs get their color from the twice-diluted color genes. That can also mean that there can be some health risks when breeding this type of bulldog, but there are some special treats as well – lilac bulldogs can have mesmerizing light blue eyes that will swipe you off your feet!

Black Colored English Bulldog: 

Black is often associated with elegance, and the Black Colored English Bulldog are really a different level of elegance! Even though the black coat in dogs is quite common, in bulldogs, it is very rare! Complete black bulldogs are almost impossible to find, but if you do see them, you will be amazed at how wonderful they look, and they exude aristocracy! 

There is a black tri-colored variation that is also rare and exquisite to see. In this color type you can se a combination of black, white, and brown colors, and it gives English bulldogs a unique look!

Tri-Colored English Bulldog

Englsih bulldog breed Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

Tri-Colored Bulldogs delight us with their skillful blend of three distinct shades. By combining the likes of black, tan, and white, these bulldogs create a vivid and harmonious symphony of colors. But, the tri-color variations can be in blue, lilac, or brown, so the tri-color actually captures any 3 color blend and combinations that we love!

Blue Tri Color Bulldog:

 A Mesmerizing Blue Infusion is what you think when you see this type of British bulldog! For those who adore blue hues, the Blue Tri Color Bulldog is a dream come true. Blending mesmerizing shades of blue, tan, and white, these bulldogs create an unforgettable visual experience. Their strikingly beautiful coats are sure to turn heads wherever they go.

Chocolat tri-color English bulldog

One of the most alluring rare color combinations in the English Bulldog spectrum is the Chocolate Tri. Just imagine a stunning combination of rich chocolate brown, white, and tan markings. The deep brown shades are often complemented by beautiful white flashes and elegantly placed tan markings. The Chocolate Tri English Bulldog is truly a wonderful and unique pup!

Lilac Tri Merle English Bulldog

Englsih bulldog breed Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

The lilac coat is a soft and subtle greyish lavender shade, perfectly accentuated by the mesmerizing merle pattern. As light catches their magnificent coat, it creates a captivating kaleidoscope of lilac, white, and pale grey. But in this case of coat color, we have the diluted color gene and merle color gene, and that can be a risky combination! Merle puppies often have various health problems, and they can be busted with the dd gene that is responsible for the dilution of color. So, even though the Lilac tri merle bulldogs are special, rare, and mesmerizing, they can have their share of quirks!

What is the rarest English bulldog coat color?

As we explore these rare color variations, one question lingers on everyone’s minds: which is the rarest English Bulldog coat color? Well, the answer lies within the elusive Black Tri Merle. This striking coat color is very rare, almost impossible to find. The intense contrast of black, white, and merle patterns creates an unrivaled visual masterpiece. Merele coat color in bulldogs is generally the rarest combination, but it can be seen and found even though there are various ethical and legal issues with breeding these types of dogs.

English Bulldogs are undeniably captivating in all their colors, whether traditional or rare. While rare colors may be more challenging to find, they add an extra element of uniqueness and exclusivity to these already majestic creatures. Remember, it’s not just about the outer appearance but also the loving, loyal, and playful nature that makes English Bulldogs such incredible companions.

Englsih bulldog breed Top 11 English Bulldog Rare Colors

Whether you find yourself drawn to the warmth of a Chocolate, the elegance of a Lilac, or the uniqueness of the Merle, one thing’s for certain – each English Bulldog is a delightful bundle of joy waiting to fill your life with love and laughter. So, take a moment to appreciate these rare coat colors, but most importantly, open your heart to the magic that English Bulldogs bring into our lives. They truly are a sight to behold and a treasure that will remain in your heart forever.

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