english bulldog breed English Bulldog diet plan - what should they eat and how much

English Bulldog diet plan – what should they eat and how much?

Welcome to a complete guide for English bulldog diet! Find out what they should eat, how much, and what is a raw diet in our new blog post!

English Bulldog Diet – What Should They Eat?

English Bulldogs are a beloved breed known for their wrinkly, grumpy appearance and great personality. Proper nutrition is essential to ensure their overall health and well-being. When considering an English Bulldog’s diet, it is important to focus on providing a balanced and nutritious meal plan:

Protein-rich Food and Meat in the English bulldog diet

Bulldogs are just like us – they love their protein! It’s crucial to include protein-rich food in their diet to keep those muscles strong and sturdy. Whether it’s chicken, beef, or fish, make sure it’s cooked thoroughly to avoid any tummy troubles. However, it’s always wise to steer clear of sausages or any overly processed meats; let’s keep it fancy but not greasy!

Carbohydrates are also an important component of their diet. Whole grains like brown rice or oats are excellent sources of energy for Bulldogs. These complex carbohydrates provide vital nutrients and fiber, aiding in digestive health.

english bulldog breed English Bulldog diet plan - what should they eat and how much

Vegetables in Bulldog’s feeding schedule

Veggies, Anyone? Bulldogs might have the demeanor of a meat-loving sleeping grumpy, but they need their greens too! Veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes can provide essential vitamins and fiber to keep their digestion in top-notch condition. Just remember, not all veggies are dog-friendly. Skip the onions, garlic, and tomatoes – our furry friends don’t appreciate those flavors as much as we do.

What to avoid in a British bulldog diet ingredients

Avoid the Additives: When it comes to food additives, it’s best to keep them as far away from your bulldog’s bowl as possible. Bulldogs can be sensitive to additives such as artificial colors and preservatives, which might lead to undesirable bulldog health issues. Stick to natural and healthy options to ensure a happy and healthy pup. Bad food ingredients can reflect negatively on the skin, and we already know that our Bull-doggos are prone to wrinkles and skin issues

How Many Cups of Food Should My English Bulldog Eat in a Day?

Size Matters: Bulldogs come in all shapes and sizes, and their portion sizes should depend on that. Smaller bulldogs will need less food than their larger counterparts. It’s always a good idea to consult your veterinarian for a specific recommendation based on your pup’s weight and activity level.

english bulldog breed English Bulldog diet plan - what should they eat and how much

English bulldog puppies, for example, should start with smaller amounts of food, half a cup at least 3 times a day! Just make sure that you have covered the protein-veggie-carb circle in the right way for balanced nutrition!

Grown British bulldogs should eat around 2 cups of food during the day. If you have a bit bigger doggo in size, you can add up in their food bowl!

It’s All About Balance: Remember, Bulldogs are prone to packing on the pounds, so it’s crucial to keep their portion sizes in check. Let’s achieve that perfect “Bulldog Bod” without sacrificing their love for food – a win-win situation! So, take care of the cup numbers, make balanced dog food choice, and always make time for some activities, and you will have one healthy bulldog!

Raw Diet for English Bulldogs?

What is Raw Diet? Some dog experts swear by the raw diet for their furry companions. It involves feeding dogs uncooked, fresh meat, bones, and organs, mimicking their ancestral diets. 

english bulldog breed English Bulldog diet plan - what should they eat and how much

While some believe it promotes a shiny coat and increased energy levels, it’s always best to consult your veterinarian before making any big dietary changes.

Raw food can have its pros, but it has some cons too. For example, our stubby friends are known for allergies and digestive problems. A raw diet can be overwhelming for their sensitive tummies and can contribute to constipation, gassy problems, and other issues. That is why we recommend consulting with a veterinarian or a canine nutritionist to develop a diet plan tailored to your Bulldog’s specific needs and any underlying health conditions.

What if My English Bulldog Needs a Diet?

We have mentioned that our wrinkly little babies are prone to gaining weight, and as cute as chubby bulldogs may look, it is not good for them! That is why it is important for you to know how you can help your chubby friend to lose some weight:

How to Put My English Bulldog on a Diet: 

If your furry friend carries a few extra pounds, it’s time to consider putting them on a diet.

Here are a few simple steps that can help you in this pound-shedding journey:

english bulldog breed English Bulldog diet plan - what should they eat and how much

  • Start by reducing their portion sizes gradually, ensuring a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients. Try to give them protein – veggie – carb mix, but be careful! Carbs can be counterproductive, so give just a minimal amount during the day! 
  • Did you know that Bulldogs love some healthy fruits too? Some blueberries or watermelons can help them keep their diet light!
  • Increase their physical activities with fun games and walks to help them burn those calories. Interest them in activities with their favorite accessories and toys to get them moving and running!
  • Remember, slow and steady wins the weight-loss race!

When it comes to our English Bulldogs’ diet, finding the right balance is key. A protein-rich diet, combined with the right amount of vegetables and carefully avoiding harmful additives, is essential for their health and well-being. Stay pawsitive and consult your veterinarian for the best Bulldog diet plan!