english bulldog breed unleashing love and joy english bulldogs as therapy dogs

Unleashing Love and Joy: English Bulldogs as Therapy Dogs

Getting an English bulldog as your therapy dog is absolutely something you should think about if you’re searching for a method to improve your mood and spread some love. With their adorable faces, silly actions, and loving personalities, these cuddly little creatures will make you smile and warm your heart.

According to studies, stroking a dog may improve your mood and reduce stress. What could be better than a large, slobbery bulldog? They’re just so incredibly huggable that it’s difficult to feel calm and content in their presence.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, these puppies aren’t simply therapy for you, they also provide happiness to individuals in your vicinity. They like getting to know new people and get along well with both children and the elderly. Bring them to a nursing home and see how happy they make everyone there!

The Greatest Therapy Dogs: Why English Bulldogs?

  • They are easy to train and love to please their owners.
  • They are lovable and have a soothing influence on those around them.
  • They are friendly and love people.
  • They are low energy and don’t require a lot of exercise.
  • They are fantastic with children and the elderly.

English bulldogs have some great personality and temperament traits, so they really are a good choice for a companion! They maybe love to snooze off and sleep, but they also need activities and that can help you to start moving more, and that is grate exercise to fight depression! So, if you need a therapy dog – consider our wrinkly buddy! They will shower you with love and affection, and can help you battle of various problems!

Personal Anecdotes

My bulldog Winston was a therapy dog I purchased for my dementia-stricken granny. Her face brightens up and she can’t stop touching him whenever he waddles into the room. Simply said, it’s the most endearing thing ever.

english bulldog breed unleashing love and joy english bulldogs as therapy dogs

After a difficult breakup, my buddy acquired a bulldog, and it seemed as though the animal understood precisely what she needed. He always follows her and simply fills her life with love and joy. Since he really loves to dress up, they get their own make overs, Bulldog in its fancy dogwear, and her gets the joy and goofines that she needs!


So think about getting an English bulldog as your therapy dog if you’re hoping to bring some love and joy into your life. You won’t be sorry!

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